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    Merging a signature field in WorkSpace


      Hello everybody.


      I'm still learning LCES so please be patient :-)


      I designed a process which accepts a "document" in input which includes a Signature field; once the document has been received, it gets submitted to a manager in WorkSpace which has to complete some field and sign the document using a different field.


      The document rendered in workspace uses an xfaForm doc which "shares" the XMLDATA with the original input document and uses an XDP form for layout.


      When the document gets rendered in workspace, the original (first) signature gets lost although the remaining pieces of data are depicted fine.


      Is there a way to "get" the first signature and render it into workspace as to let the manager know the document has been previously signed before his approval?




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          Maceo29 Level 1

          The most straight forward way is as follows...



          1. Configure the form so that it submits back PDF (property on the submit property tab of the button in Designer (otherwise if you submit back xml the signature will be lost)

          2. Configure the form variable as type DocumentForm and then in the Advanced Settings of the variable make sure the "Render Form Only Once" option is selected .... otherwise on subsequent steps where you use that form it will be re-rendererd and you will lose the signature