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    Questions about calling Context-sensitive Help with RoboHTML WebHelp


      We've been researching different ways to launch context-sensitve Help from our Application.  Apparently, in the legacy version, the group used RoboEngine and WebHelp Pro, but we're just planning to use regular WebHelp as output.  Scouring through the Help file and site, I can't seem to find a single definitive source of Information.


      1.  If the Developer launches the context-senstive Help page, is there a specific URL we can use for that page (that would open the page and frame [toolbar/navigation bar]?  I know each page has a unique URL, but is there a way to ensure the frame opens too?


      1.1. Does the URL have to be the Help file name, or is it possible to use a Map id? I'm assuming if we call a map id, we need to write code in our application to make this all happen.


      2.  Also, if there is a way to launch the page and frame around the page, --- if the user opens another Help page, can we ensure it will open in the same browser? Or does it just open a new browser every time?


      Any information would be appreciated.  If there is a site or Help topic that explains the best practice / implementation steps for configuring context-sensitive Help that would be great.