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    Something like ajax with flash


      Hello All , I am a web developer and i need a little help with flash .


      i want to make a board which presents a number , a word etc . every user can change the word on the board and other users can see the change .


      in ajax , it can be easily done by http request to a server side page (I'm using PHP) and response , and an area of the page that refreshes every 1 second .


      but i want to do this with flash/PHP and i have no idea how to do so . of course , i am a newbie to flash :-)

      I'm using Flash Cs3


      thanks , any helps appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since you are new to Flash, what I'll recommend first is that you do not pursue learning to use Actionscript 1/2 but instead start off  with the latest version which is AS3.  CS3 supports using it.  You could pursue something similar using AS2, but to make you more current I'd recommend stepping up to AS3.


          Then what I would recommend in that you find a tutorial for working with Flash, PHP, and possibly mySQL.  You could probably use a text/xml data file instead, but the database may be the better choice.  Here is a link to a tutorial that shows how to use Flash,PHP, and mySQL.... http://www.gotoandlearn.com/play?id=20  With your background, you should be able to adapt it to what you want to do.


          In its most basic format, the process is one of PHP playing the middle man between Flash and the data source.