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    cannot print pdfs to laserjet 1600 (via network)


      i'm having problems with printing a pdf file from Adobe Reader 8.1
      to a network-printer


      - i CAN print the PDF document on the local brother inkjet
      - i CAN mail the document and print it on another PC (which means
         the document is okay)
      - i CANNOT print the documet to a HP laserjet 1600 that is connected
        by usb to another PC (and shared in the network)


      the print job shows up in the spooler and vanishes without beeing
      printed. i noticed the driver for the hp ist reinstalled everytime
      i try to print with the Adobe Reader (windows system log)


      i think this issue doesn't directly has to do with the printer driver, since i can print from

      every other programm, i.e. the windows test page works!


      does anyone have a idea? i found some solution on the net, but
      only for mac-users. these solutions have to do with downloadable
      true type fonts, but i can't find this option on XP systems.


      (i am referring to this thread: