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    File format differences between Illustrator CS2 and CS3

    Robin Landsbert

      Does anyone know the difference between the file format of Adobe Illustrator CS2 and CS3? Is there a document that documents this? Can someone send a link? The reason I am asking is that I have written a plug-in which saves the current CS3 document back down to CS2 so that users who are still using Adobe Illustrator CS2 can open it. However, if the same document is opened by a CS3 user, what objects, constructs or data structures are likely to be lost because the file has be converted down to CS2? Most things seem to be retained and I have yet to find a problem but if yo save manually from CS3 to CS2, Illustrator puts up a warning stating "Saving to a legacy format may cause some changes to your text layout and disable some editing features when the document is read back in". Does anyone have any more detail on this?


      Thank you