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    Where can I find the scale value of mx:Image with scaleContent enabled?

    Boy Carper Level 1

      Hey all


      Like the topic says, where can I find the scale value of the image content using an mx:Image with scaleContent set to true. Both the scale on the image object and the image.content is 1 (resizing is probably done by a matrix).


      To put things into context: I'm loading a picture from the filesystem and then use the Marilena facedetection to check for faces. When I find any faces I draw on a overlaying UIComponent the box where the face is. Because the detections returns the position of the face based on the unscaled bitmapdata the box indicating the face is not in the right position. In order to get this right I need the scale factor of the mx:Image scaleToFit.


      tnx in advance!