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    AVCHD exported by PreE7

    Goh Ching

      Just downloaded a trial version of PreE7. After editing some avchd footages and burn them to DVD-R in mpeg 2 format (i think) and then played on my DVD player. It looks Great. But it is in standard definition. I also have a Blu-ray player which can playback avchd movie (in Hi-Definition) that burned on DVD-R. So, can PreE7 burns the edited avchd footage to DVD-R without reencoding it.

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          Goh Ching Level 1

          Ha ha, after Reading Gossamer's post, I think I've got the answer. i.e. PreE7 can't write avchd files onto DVD-R but can export them to my hard disk. Then i can use third party software (I have HD writer AE1 which comes with my Panasonic camcorder) for burning them to DVD-R. Am I correct ?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Glad that you found Gossamer's post. I was about to go and get the link to it.


            You have some great info there, for what you are proposing to do.


            Good luck,




            PS - IIRC, there are some links scattered about that thread to other discussions on other fora. You might pick up some more good info by following those. Different people had some different ideas and many may prove useful.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              I do not have any facts on the HD writer AE-1.


              So, please make sure that you check out the specifications for the .mts file the will be your AVCHD export from Premiere Elements

              a. will the software burn the .mts to a DVD-R disc?

              b. will your player playback a .mts video on a DVD-R disc?


              Do you have a Blu-Ray burner? If so, you may want to look at burning your AVCHD Timeline Share/Disc/BluRay. This route, like the DVD-VIDEO route, allows you to add menus to your presentation.


              I would agree, please go over gossamer's recent thread which contains suggestions and roads to success in this area. Great contributions in that thread.



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                Goh Ching Level 1

                The answers to a. is NO and b. is YES.

                I don't have a Blu-ray burner. I may buy one when it is cheaper.


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                  Goh Ching Level 1

                  The answer is wrong. I just exported a edited AVCHD footage to my pc and try to use "HD writer AE1" to burn it to DVD-R. However, the 'HD writer AE1" does not recognize the exported file. I noticed the that extension of the edited file was changed from m2ts to mts therefore it can't be recognize by " HD Writer AE1". No idea what should i do in this stage ? any help ?


                  Burning the files to Blu-ray ?

                  Sony said their S300 Blu-ray player only reads Bly-ray Rom and DVD. It can't read Blu-ray R. That means, even I burn the files on Blu-ray disc, my Blu-ry player (Sony S300) won't play it.


                  Any other software that can burn .mts files to DVD-R ?


                  Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  PS. Try to call Adobe hotline (in Asia), but the lady on the phone doesn't even know what avchd is. She kept telling me that the info could be found on their website. What a easy job ! My 3-years old son can do better than her. Sorry Adobe !

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                    Usually I export video from PE7 to Canon HF10: this device uses an AVCHD Structure disk.

                    This is what I do:

                    - after editing the video, I share it using HD 264 template. this will generate (it takes a lot of time) .mts file

                    - using Nero  8 Vision, you have to create a AVCHD DVD (very simple, main menu is very clear): depending on your video, Nero will re-encode or not the film (enable smart encoding)

                    - choose to store the AVCHD DVD in a folder on your Hard disk, do not record directly a DVD

                    - the result is a folder BDMV  with a lot of sub-folders: STREAM cointains mts video file.

                    I never recorded a AVCHD DVD, but after copying BDMV structure on my Canon Camcorder, everything is working fine.


                    You can do the same process using a freeware software, TSmuxeR: it creates an AVCHD Disk but, unfortunatelly, it's not compatible with my Canon Camcorder.


                    I Hope this could help you.


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                      Goh Ching Level 1

                      Hi Torix09, thank you for your reply.


                      Can I use Nero 9 to burn the .mts files directly onto to the DVD-R ?

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Yes. You can do that.


                        However, note that Nero distinguishes between a data disc and a playable DVD disc.

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                          Goh Ching Level 1

                          Hi Steve, do you meant I should burn it as an image disc, if I want it to be played on my Rlu-ray player ?



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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            Burn it as a playable disc, Goh.