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    Some users don't get FLV Complete event.

    Rothrock Level 5

      I'm publishing to Flash 8 and using the FLVPlayback component to stitch together several different external FLV files.


      I've got it set up so that on the complete of one of the "chapters" the player will then switch to the next one and continue playing. There are some buttons that I have added to the screen that allow the user to jump around between the chapters and all -- so that is what the extra bits in the code below are about.


      listener.complete = function(event:Object) {
      if (event.vp < theClips.length - 1) {

        var nextPlayerIndex:Number = Number(event.vp) + 1;
        home["chapter" + event.vp].setToggle(false);
        home["chapter" + nextPlayerIndex].setToggle(true);

        player.activeVideoPlayerIndex = nextPlayerIndex;
        player.visibleVideoPlayerIndex = nextPlayerIndex;
        chapterTitle.text = theTitles[nextPlayerIndex];


      } else {
        //trace("next pulse");
      // each time a chapter ends we want to restart the idle clock for the hint box


      It works great on the machines of most of the folks who have tried it, but a small number are not seeing the continuous playback. I'm pretty sure the problem is that they are not recieiving the complete event and I don't know why.


      Even though I'm publishing to Flash 8, my installed plugin is 10,0,2,54 and one of the users has told me she has 9,0,28,0. Could that be the difference? Has anybody else experienced not recieiving complete events under different players?


      Or is there some other avenue I should go down?

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Yup. That would seem to be the answer. I rolled back my machine to 9.0.28 and the complete event stopped working. I tried newer and newer version and at 9.0.47 the complete event for some FLVs was dispatched and at 9.0.115 it seemed to be for all of them.


          Anybody else have more info about this issue?


          I do now seem to recall something about this back about 3 or 4 years ago, but at the time on my Mac all my complete events were firing, so I didn't pay as much attention as I should have.

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            Rothrock Level 5

            The solution seems to be to put a cuepoint into the file (in my case using Squeeze) and then set up a listener for cuepoints instead of complete. I'm not using cuepoints for anything else, so that seems like it will work. Otherwise I guess I would probably need to give the cuepoint a name like "complete" and then write some code to do one thing for the "complete" cuepoint and something else for any other one.