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    Button Sounds problem CS4

    happyggv2 Level 1

      Help anyone? I have made a generic button and have 5 instances of it for menu navigation.


      I opened up the button, created a new "sounds" layer, inserted keyframes for over and down.


      I selected a "chime" sound for over and a "swoosh" sound for down and it works.


      Heres the problem. When I hover over any button, the chime occurs and then when I press down, the swoosh occurs. BUT the chime occurs on both the over AND down and I can't get it to occur only on the over. Help  TY Gene

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          What you are probably hearing is the over sound playing a second time when you release the mouse button because the button is back at the over frame. That's the way a button symbol works. If you want the sound to play differently, you'll have to use Actionscript to gain that extra control.