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    RoboHelp changes file name to lowercase


      I am using RH X5.0.2 (running on Win XP SP2) to import HTML files as topics. The primary layout is Microsoft HTML Help.


      The original HTML file names are mixed case, but when the files are imported into RoboHelp, the file names are changed to all lowercase. For example, GL_Audit.htm is changed to gl_audit.htm. This is an issue because the topic title reflects the file name, and I need the topic title to retain the mixed case of the original files.


      After I import the file, I have to manually change the topic title. However, RoboHelp does not like it when the title has an underscore. If I change gl_audit to GL_Audit and click OK, the change is not saved. But if I change gl_audit to GLAudit and click Apply, and then change it to GL_Audit, the change is saved.


      I am using an existing project that was created by someone else a long time ago. Here are the steps that I am following:


      1. Right-click the destination folder, and then click Import.

      2. At the Import File screen, select the desired file, for example, GL_Audit.htm, and click Open. The file is imported as a topic.

      3. Right-click the topic, and click Properties. Note that the Topic Tile is gl_audit, and the file name is gl_audit.htm.

      4. In the Topic Title field, type GL_Audit, and click OK. Note that the Topic title is still gl_audit, and not GL_Audit.

      5. Open the Topic Properties screen again.

      6. In the Topic Title field, type GLAudit, and click Apply.

      7. In the Topic Title field, enter an underscore between the L and the A so that the topic title is GL_Audit.

      8. Click OK. Not that the topic title is saved as it was typed -- in mixed case.


      If I can get RH to import the files without changing the original case, it will not matter that it takes two steps to change the topic title name.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.