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    Goto and Stop problem


      I'm stuck with as2 for a while, but could use some help.


      I've inherited a template to update that has a fair amount of flash that runs for about 2-3 seconds.  this is fine for the home page, but on subsequent pages, I'd like to have the flash buttons available, but not have the 2-3 seconds of flash to run each time.BeforeImage.jpg


      My thought was to make a copy of the flash, and have an as2 action script at the beginning that has a gotoandstop(100) (100 is the last frame) in the first frame of the timeline.


      This seems to work, except (of course) I only get a small portion of the screen displayed, and none of the controls. as the image below shows.


      Any suggestions on how to skip over the actions and still get the controls displayed??