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    Get preflight Working Profile as AS variable


      Syntax, syntax, syntax.


      I have a list of thirty or so different document sizes maintained in a FileMaker database. It works great to pass variables through to build InDesign files. My designers would also like placeholder Photoshop files, but I'd rather not have them taking up disk space unless the files are absolutely needed. And the specs change often, so I'd like as much as possible to be data driven. So, I'd like to have a script that pulls page height and width and resolution requirements to Photoshop.


      I'm having no trouble with the


      We use preflight profiles that are named with the proper required image resolution ("72", "150", 300" etc.) and they are properly embedded in the InDesign file.


      Does anyone know the syntax for getting the name of the embedded preflight Working Profile to pass through in a script?




      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"

      set myDocument to active document

      set horizontal measurement units of view preferences to inches

      set vertical measurement units of view preferences to inches


      tell document preferences of myDocument

      set myPageWidth to page width

      set myPageHeight to page height

      set myProfile to preflight Working Profile

      end tell

      end tell

      tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS4"

      set myDocument to make new document with properties {width:myPageWidth, height:myPageHeight}

      tell myDocument

      resize image resolution myProfile

      end tell

      end tell