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    That OEM elephant in the corner

    Garethi Level 1

      I have been researching this as best I can and there is no final answer.


      I am looking at Adobe CS4 standard OEM on a perfectly legit website with years of operation and thousands of positive comments around the web.


      There it is Adobe CS4 Standard OEM.


      Yet there appears to be a statement by Adobe on these forums that they do not do OEM software.


      I have been assured that the software I recieve will be an adobe one with adobe serial number ready to register in sealed Adobe DVD case.


      I can only assume that adobe do infact do OEM as a way of flogging product at a reduced price so as not to effect to much their higher proced offerings, but of course do not advirtise the fact.


      This leaves people like me utterly confused and bewildered by the choice and price ranges on offer.


      I am looking at www.softwaremdeia.com


      If anyone knows if this company is legit or dodgy I would appriciate the heads up.