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    Title graphic moved/PP CS4 4.1.0




      I would like to ask anyone if there is any working solution for following problem:


      - we are doing editing on two separate computers, both are using same version of CS4 Premiere Pro - updated to 4.1.0

      - we have created templates for opening/ending sequences titles, we are using our logo in these templates

      - on each of these computers is this logo located on different HDD drive (folder)

      - for some reason PP do not ask for location of this missing logo, when the project is opened, it just show textured "Logo" message on place in teplate, where is the original logo placed, also it show error in Events (bottom right corner of PP)


      If I remember right, than the previous version (4.0.x) corrently asked, where to find this logo, when the project was opened.


      Thank you