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    Which HD to DVD converter is best?

    zjimbo Level 1

      Using Pr Pro CS3 and Windows Vista 64 bit, I have completely edited my six individual HD projects with titles, transitions, and some color correction effects. I did a lot of cuts and ripple deletes. The total of the six HD edited projects is about 110 minutes.


      The reason for all this info is I now want to import as many of the six HD projects as possible into a New Project. I would like to make the final project with as few DVD's as possible. I have read you can get about 20 minutes on a single layer and 40 minutes on a dual layer DVD. I am not as concerned about the overall quality as I am in getting the training information out.


      I also want to convert these projects from HD to DVD. I then need to insert manageable Menus and Chapter points. I will be duplicating the final DVD/DVD's and selling them on the Internet.


      I have read about a lot of software from Ulead, Coral, VSC and others. They all have good and bad features and points. Judging by what I have told you - what software would you recommend for my purpose? Do I need to different software, one for converting and one for Menus and Chapter markers?


      I have read where large busy projects can make a difference. Some work well with Vista, some don't. Some freeze your computer if you try to get to fancy. Some support dual layer DVD's, and others not so well. They all say they are easy to use, but I have read of complaints where the end product will not always play on some outboard DVD players.


      Thanks for any advice