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      Hi Everyone,
      my first flex post weeee..

      Ok i am a long time CFer, and about 2 years ago got into Flash forms with CF backend and Flash Remoting.
      Then i started using grids to display result sets.

      I have also always used a session tracking utility to track users who are logged in and the last requested page.
      Thats fine for *.cfm files or maybe even *.mxml files.
      But each actual file request shows, then 2 to 15 different flashServices/gateway/ request show as well per each real file request.

      My question is:
      Is there any way i can customize the the gateway call, so that it has some string in it with the file name that called the gateway, and maybe even the cfc it called and even better the method as well. or 10 times better would be to add this values to the session object before or after calling the gateway.

      Please help i am stuck and i want ot go to bed before next week :)