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    RoboHTML will not compile with Conditional Build Expression


      Software: RoboHelp HTML

      Version:  (purchased as part of Technical Communication Suite)


      I have a project that will not compile WebHelp if I use a conditional build expression.


      The project compiles fine if I do not use a conditional build tag expression.


      If I try to use a conditional build tag expression (even as simple as NOTDraft), the compile stops as soon as it reaches the Updating Files step.


      Once it stops, I have to restart RoboHelp.


      I am able to compile other projects.


      This project contains many topics that are imported from Word documents.


      Ironically, I fought hard to get this company to purchase RoboHelp and convinced them it was a rock-solid tool. Now, my primary project will not compile as expected, so I am in hot water.


      In the days that I have waited for a response from Adobe Support that said, basically - open up a discussion in this forum, I eliminated any topics that looked strange to me. (We had a few documents that used number headings, and the results in Search and Index were not acceptable.) Still will not compile with a conditional build expression.


      I've also deleted all my conditional tags, and created a new one. Still will not compile.


      Without being able to use Conditional Builds on this project, I cannot single source. I've resorted to creating duplicate projects and cutting out the topics - which is a recipe for disaster.


      Any assistance deeply appreciated.