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    ComboBox values

    wkolcz Level 1
      I have my form set up with a couple comboboxes, but I cannot seem to pull the correct data to pass to CF to insert into the database. Can someone tell me that the selected values are for the following boxes? Thanks!

      I want to pass the 'data' to the function:
      <mx:ComboBox id="frmProjectLead">
      <mx:Object data="wkolcz" label="Wally Kolcz"/>
      <mx:Object data="plinkows" label="Paul Linkowski"/>
      <mx:Object data="geoffoc" label="Geoff O'Connor"/>
      <mx:Object data="kriegera" label="Allison Krieger"/>
      <mx:Object data="magicdn" label="Vince Kasaba"/>
      <mx:Object data="jenlmat" label="Jennifer 'the web designer' Matthews"/>
      <mx:Object data="csjessie" label="Sam Jessie"/>

      I want to pass the 'label' to the function:
      <mx:ComboBox id="frmStatus">
      <mx:Object label="Content Gathering"/>
      <mx:Object label="Client Review"/>
      <mx:Object label="Writer Review"/>
      <mx:Object label="IA"/>
      <mx:Object label="Build"/>
      <mx:Object label="Maintenance"/>
      <mx:Object label="QA"/>
      <mx:Object label="HOLD-See Notes"/>

      So in my function below, what do I set the projectInfo.frmStatus and projectInfo.frmProjectLead to?

      var projectInfo:Object = new Object();
      projectInfo.status = frmStatus.selectedLabel;
      projectInfo.projectLead = frmProjectLead.selectedItem.data;