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    Serial problem 2 Machines

    VostroNet 2

      Hi Guys.


      I had to format my laptop a couple of time and I have installed my master collection on the fresh format. I messed up the first installation, due to accidently deleting my some of the .exe while making shortcuts.. I know.. my bad.


      I have reinstalled the master collection again and it has come up with this serial is being used on two machines.. I only have two machines, so I’m guessing there is a double up on my laptop machine.


      My question is.. How do I remove or deactivate the other version of my master collection? Is it there a key entry within my registry that I need to remove?


      Some support will be greatly appreciated..



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          I too would like to know how many machines I can install this on. For the sake of a good workflow, I would like to install this on all 3 of my machines. Limiting my installs to one or two machines is complete Nazism. This software is mine, the computers are mine - why the limitations??  Digidesign lets me install pro-tools on as many machines as I want to - so what's the big deal?