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    another preloader problem

    rogue dog



      i'm also having a strange problem. i am also using the lynda.com tutorial. i got frustrated when it didn't work, then recreated my movie step by step.


      rebuilt the file with all layers on frame 2. frame 1 is blank except for the dynamic text/preloader code in the actions layer.

      everything tested fine.


      later, as i built the movie out (to about frame 500), the preloader counter stopped working*.


      *i just figured out the counter issue: under properties panel (with a movie clip selected), under the 'export for actionscript' the option to 'export in frame 1' selected, disables the visual counter in my preloader.


      next, i comment out the entire 1st frame coding (stop and preloader text) and the movie plays fine and stops at the end.

      when i enable the "stop();" code, the playhead stops on the 1st frame—so that part works.


      the problem comes when i remove the comment in the preloader text:


      • test mode: frame stops at 2 (only the background shows, the playhead doesn't continue)


      the problem of the playhead staying at frame 2 still exists. it's making me crazy!


      i'm on a mac, osx (snow leopard), mac pro dual/quad core, 8gb ram


      any help would be greatly appreciated.


      the file can be downloaded here: