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    How to do something before the interface is seen?

    WrongAgain Level 1

          I want to use Lingo to do something before everything is seen (before the first frame, and before the exe interface appears). But I don't know how to realize.

          For example, I want to run the code:

              alert("test begin!")

      before everything is seen. I have tried to write the statement in startMovie(), prepareMovie(), prepareFrame(), and beginSprite(), and all failed. In all case, the alert message is popped after the interface appears.

          How to do? Thanks!

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          It depends on exactly what you want to do. In some cases you might have to set your movie to open with a stage size of 1 x 1, or completely off screen, before you do what you want and resize/move it. In other situations the lingo.ini file can be used to execute the #startup handler. However, you should only rely on this handler to set global variables - some objects, like cast members, sprites, etc. aren't available. Refer to the existing lingo.ini file in your Director\Configuration\  folder