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    Loading SWFs from subfolders

    german01 Level 1
      I have one MAIN FOLDER with 6 SUBFOLDERS (A,B,C,D,E,F)

      The path is C:\\My Documents\\Main_Folder\\Subfolders\\

      Here is the structure
      MAIN FOLDER (inside I have six subfolders plus the Main_Template flash movie)
      Subfolder A
      Subfolder B
      Subfolder C (contains the swfs)
      Subfolder D
      Subfolder E
      Subfolder F
      Master_Template with navigation buttons that also has master_mc; where I want to download swfs.

      I have used the following scripts unsuccessfully

      I'm using Action Script 2

      button 1


      I also tried the full path

      on (release) {

      master.loadMovie("C:\\My Documents\\Master_Template\\SubfolderC\\NameOfSwf");


      in both cases I get an error message and no movie is downloaded to Main_Template.

      Please help me correct the script.