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    Stupid annoying problem =/  _root.score += 1; ?


      Such a stupid question, but I can't seem to find the right answer on the Internet and I'm feeling a bit impatient.


      So I have this dynamic text labeled "score" in the var box.


      Then I have a button with the code:


      on (release) {
          _root.score += 1;



      So when you click it, it's +1 score in the score dynamic text box.


      Ok, so it works when it's being published as Version: Flash Player 6 ( Files > Publish Settings > Flash tab )

      But it doesn't work when the version is set as Flash Player 8.


      I'm in a bit of a situation where I need it to be published under the version of Flash Player 8  =/


      Annoying, but help appreciated!