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    Script to export IDCS3 to PDF utilizing text from document as file name

    kimdburns Level 1

      I have written a few very very basic scripts so I really only know enough to be dangerous. I tried searching the forums first but couldn't find a situation quite like this one.


      I have an IDCS3 file that is using data merge to create multiple files. After the merged document is created I want to export the pages individually with a file name that is derived solely from information in one of the text frames on each page.


      Example: page 1 has text frame with the text, Style 1002. I want the file name to be 1002, or it could be Style 1002 if need be.

      Page 2's text frame says, Style KL303. Same here, I want the file name to be KL303, or Style KL303.


      Is this possible? Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. I have about 400 of these to create and exporting each of them individually, manually, would be a chore.