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    creating a still to be edited in photoshop or used as a clean plate

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Hello All,


      Is there a quicker and simpler way to create a still image at the current or specific time in the Compostion Window


      I want to create a single frame targa or tiff that I can open and edit in photoshop.  The way I'm doing this was (on the Mac) is:


      1. press Command M while parked on the frame so that I can reference the time indicator position.

      2.  in the render que  "Render Settings", choose TIME SPAN:custom  and sent both start and end points to the same number, this would cause a duration of a 1 frame still picture.

      3 In the Output Module Setting choose ElectricImage IMAGE or targa or tiff sequence and hit render.


      Its not a long process once you get the hang of it but I was wondering was there another or better way.