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    Get linked image path

    Ivan Rosolen



      I want to change a low res image to a hi res image, but I can't get the low res path.


      for (var pageItemIdx = 0; pageItemIdx < myDocument.allPageItems.length; pageItemIdx++) {

        var pageItem = myDocument.allPageItems[pageItemIdx];

          if ( "geometricBounds" in pageItem && pageItem instanceof Rectangle ) {


            try  {

              app.consoleout( pageItem.allGraphics.itemLink.filePath );

            } catch (error) {

              app.consoleout( error.toString() );





      pageItem.allGraphics.itemLink.filePath does not work....using applescript I was able to do it with


      return file path of item liink of image....


      But with javascript I can't