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    Problem with AE CS4 (error 0:: 42)




      I have a problem with AE CS4. For couple days I'm trying to dissolve a problem:


      "After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed [...] (0 :: 42)" error message


      I'm trying almost everything:

      - remove OpenGL Plugin

      - change preferences of my Video card

      - switch a SafeMode i QuickTime

      - and many other things


      I have a trial version of AE CS4. It's run with no problem. I open projects with no porblem. I can render this project. But If i drag&drop some effect or file to the composition window the error appears and the program is shut down.


      My computer preferences:

      Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2,8 GHz

      4098 RAM 800 MHz in Dual Mode

      GForce 9800GTX+ 1024 MB


      Please Help Me !!!