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    Expanding field overwrites text box below AND new page not created




      This is the first form I've created a form in LiveCycle and I am beyond frustrated!  I've tried so many things, I'm losing track of what I've tried!  I am having two major issues with the attached form and would appreciate some guidance and assistance.  I am wondering if one of my problems is that it is all on the Master Page, instead of Design?  If so, is there a quick way to fix that issue?  Please don't tell me I have to start over!


      • The "Table" has expandable fields with multiple lines.  As the table grows, it overwrites the Footer.
      • When the table is full, a new page needs to be added.  Each page would look exactly the same, with the exception of the entries in the table fields.


      Can anybody help with this?


      Thank you!