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    Adding attachment in Workspace does not work with Firefox


      We have a function in customized workspace to allow users to add a file (from their local hard drive) as an attachment to a Task. This works fine with IE, but fails when tested with Firefox (when flash player version 10 is installed). Here are a few steps in our code:


      1. Use FileReferenceList.browse([docFilter, imagesFilter]) to select file

      2. For each selected FileReference, use Task.addAttachment(FileReference, newAttachmentPermissions(true,true,true)) to add attachment to the Task.


      It was partially working with Firefox+Flash Player 9 (during some test, the first attempt of attachment failed, but the next try worked). It never works with Firefox+Flash Player 10.


      I noticed that there are some discussions about file uploading does not work with Firefox because of authentication issue, which could be resolved by appending session information with the URLRequest. But in our case, we do not specify URLRequest in our code, it's handled by the Task.addAttachment method. So is there any way to fix this issue?