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    Help in HTTPdataService

      Hello. I am using an Advanced search option in my project. It will have options like selecting categories, date, etc. How can i send those data to the search function in my servers sided language?
      Thank you
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          It depends on how you architect your app.

          Let's say you have a number of ComboBox controls in your Flex app to select search parameters.

          When using clicks Submit button, or whatever way to will have to fire off the search, that might send the request using an HTTPService, WebService, or RemoteObject request.

          With any of these controls, you can send parameters. The exact way of doing so is outlined in the FB3 help system.

          If you provide more info on what is on the server side to accept the request and perform the search, and what Flex component (HTTPService, WebService, or RemoteObject) you will use to send the request, then this forum might be able to provide further assistance.
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            karoljouis Level 1
            I use HTTPService. I use ruby on rails in the server side. So the url is search.xml in the . The parameter name is query. The search is working good. But i don't know how to apply the advanced search. I dont know how to pass those search parameters.
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              See this FB3 help topic:

              "Explicit parameter passing and parameter binding"

              specifically this section:

              "Explicit parameter passing with HTTPService components"

              Paraphrase from help topic:

              When you pass parameters to HTTPService, you specify an object containing name-value pairs as a send() method parameter.

              The send() parameter must be a simple base type and not complex nested objects as there is no way to convert them to name-value pairs.

              If you do not specify a parameter to the send() method, the HTTPService component uses any query parameters specified in an <mx:request> tag.
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                karoljouis Level 1
                Thanks. I got it