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    AVI Framerate

      I imported an AVI file into Presenter but upon publishing the presenter file, I found that the video ran extremely fast. I know that there is a frame rate issue, as the AVI runs at 59 fps and Presenter runs slower (30 fps I believe). Is there a way to reconcile the framerates and get the video to play normal speed without re-recording the AVI? I would like to avoid recapture, because I captured the AVI from a digital camera and recapturing it would be time consuming.
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          catholicon Level 1
          Flash player doesn't change the framerate of Video (flv or FMS streams) according to framerate of the parent swf (It does so for embedded swfs).

          So, for your case, the imported flv got to have some problem. Can you try playing the flv (you can find it under resource folder next to the presentation) in some external tool like FlvPlayer or Adobe Media Player.
          Also, try uploading this flv as content on Connect and see if the uploaded content plays correctly.