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    Problems exporting


      Please bear with me. I used Premiere a long time ago, then it was discontinued for Mac. So I'm getting up to speed with Premiere Pro CS4.


      I've imported a series of still images and made adjustments to the duration of various stills.


      I cannot export this -- no way, no how.


      I'd like to export to QuickTime. I go to File > Export and I choose Quicktime and deselect AUDIO because there is no sound at this point. When it goes to process the file, Adobe Media Encoder automatically opens. Except that it doesn't. It quits during launch every time.


      So I tried different export settings but I cannot get it to export to anything at all. Either nothing happens, or Media Encoder tries to launch and won't.


      I'm running an iMac, 4 Gigs of RAM, OS 10.5.8, Running Premiere Pro CS4.


      Help, please. Thank you.