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    Problem creating Mac Projectors (since 10.0.2 upgrade?)

    AnnaMP Level 1

      I'm working in Flash CS4 and it seems that I can no longer produce Mac projectors. What ever the .fla file, wether a simple one-shape AS2 test file or more complex AS3, any projectors I publish will launch the Flash Player but not actually open a window and all menu items in the Player except "Open..." are grayed out.


      I can create .exe files, .swfs are playing fine and I have some old Mac projectors that are also playing normal (so it's probalby not the Flash Player and updating it to made no difference). I have even opened old .fla's that I had successfully published as Mac projectors before, and without making any other changes just tried to publish them again, and I get the same problem - the old projector works, the new one doesn't.


      File>Publish Preview>Projector also launches the Flash Player without any content.


      I suspect (but can't be sure, since I haven't needed Mac projectors for a while) that this problem appeared since I upgraded to 10.0.2 ... (although someone seems to have a similar problem with CS3 http://forums.adobe.com/message/2098434#2098434 ...)


      Has anybody heard of problems like this? Any suggestions what I could try?


      Thanks a lot


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          As of today I am having the same exact problem but I can't pinpoint what exactly caused it as I have had the 10.0.2 upgrade for some time now.


          Though, after my fiddling with the projector I have found a simple workaround for until Adobe fixes this.


          To get the projector running properly again just publish it and the swf file as you always would, then go into the package contents for the projector and into the "Contents" then "Resources" folder. Then copy your swf file into this directory and rename it to "movie.swf"


          This works for me, so hopefully it will for you too until this can be fixed.



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            AnnaMP Level 1

            Thanks Steven, that's absolutely brilliant!!


            (Sorry for the late response, I had kind of given up - but having this work-around is going to be a huge help!)