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    Interesting Transparency Dilemma




      First of all I'm new here and it looks like I will be staying a while Im a web developer who is beginning to dabble in graphic design when my graphic artist is needing a hand.





      Okay so on this little image above, I want to basically cut out the 9one3 and have it be transparent right there. Is there a way to go about doing this? Everything is converted to outlines and expanded. So if that didnt make sense I want the 9one3 transparent (and the red background behind it) so basically whatever background I put it on it will show through in the 9one3.


      Sorry if that is explained poorly! Thank you!



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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You may select both and Pathfinder>Minus Front (Subtract from Shape Area in earlier versions).

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            bwalt13 Level 1



            Hmmm this is what happened when I followed your instructions haha! it looks close! If it is any help to know, the 9one3 is actually 2 9one3's grouped, one is expanded by 2 pixels and black behind the white version to give it the stroke look. I tried it a couple times, but by all means I am pretty new with Illustrator



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              bwalt13 Level 1

              Hey Jacob,


              I tried your new Pathfinder-> Minus Front idea.


              It is almost correct, the problem Im getting is this.

              The first one I selected Just the 9one3 and the red bg, the second one I selected the everything.  The second one is close but I want the black to stay.Untitled3.gif

              Thank you so much!

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                Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                If you wish to punch out the white version of 9one3 only, thus keeping both the black rim and the black curlies, you may


                1) Ungroup the white and black 9one3;

                1) Copy the white 9one3 twice so you have three of them;

                2) Apply one white 9one3 to the red background, the the black curlies, and one to the black 9one3, using Pathfinder>Minus Front (Subtract from Shape Area in earlier versions).


                In 2), you may lock/hide the parts you are not working on.


                If you wish to just punch out the 9one3 group, you may delet the white one and use two of the black one.

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                  Jesseham Level 4

                  You want to keep your black stroke, right?  It's time for the oft-misunderstood and even more oft-overlooked Knockout Group!




                  What this does is to basically encapsulate any transparency interactions. Hard to explain, simple to invoke.



                  Group your logo - in this example, the orange square and blue stroked white circle.

                  Picture 1.jpg

                  In your appearance panel, select the fill and set it's transparency to multiply (since it's white, it doesn't show up.)

                  Picture 2.jpg

                  Next up, with your logo group selected, head to the transparency panel and fully check the Knockout Group check (it can be partially checked, which won't work for us)

                  Picture 3.jpg


                  Bingo boingo.  All your objects are intact and one can "cut" through to the background.

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                    John Danek Level 4

                    If the artwork will be limted to web only, why not Save-for-Web > GIF or PNG with White as the transparency color?

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                      1 Select all the artwork


                      2. Double click the live paint bucket to turn it into Live Paint Group.


                      3 Fill the spaces you want transparent with the color of none.

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                        bwalt13 Level 1

                        Wow! Thanks everyone! I wish I could give all of you correct answers haha. This site is awesome! I ended up just saving the white as transparent as it is for Web Only for now. Super easy! I can't believe I didn't think of that! I appreciate everyone's help so much!