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    PDF problem when used in Pro/ENGINEER


      Since the company I'm with now does not use separate part numbers for every different part, and a lot of times the description is the same (i.e. "TUBE"), many times everything with the description of "TUBE" comes in on the parts list in the same row with a quantity equal to everything with "TUBE" as a description. Needless to say, this causes a lot of problems with balloons etc. So, I added the parameter "&asm.mbr.name" to one of the cells to force a separate row for each unique filename, but made the text height .000001 so it wouldn't print. This works fine in printig from Pro/E directly, or making a PDF using the "TrueType" font option. But when we use the "Stroke All Fonts" option, the values for the parameter "&asm.mbr.name" show up as dots, which our checkers are demanding we remove. We can't simply use the "TrueType" font option as we want the font proportions we have on the format because the default .8 width text then bleeds over into other cells. I tried to put that one piece of text for the parameter in the repeat region on a layer to turn off at the dwg level, but Pro/E won't let me even pick the text string. So, does anyone know a setting for creating the PDF's that will ignore things under a certain threshold?






      P.S.  I know this is a pretty unique application, but I'm hoping someone here will know what I'm talking about.