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    loading movie through button from child clip


      I have a portfolio page with several trailer thumbnails (a portfolio list). If you click on each, the page changes and you see the trailer in a video player, plus more info about the film. I used two frames in the timeline: the first frame has the clip with the thumbnails (port_list). The second frame has a movie clip container and the video player. The idea is that pressing the respective button from port_list will load the details of that movie and the movie into the video player. I am using this script:

      ZSQ_but.onRelease = function (){
      _parent.myplayer.contentPath = "videos/ZSQ.flv";
      _parent.por_details_cont.attachMovie("ZSQ_details","ZSQ_de tails",0);


      Even though the script looks alright (and works alright if at the root level), it will not work from the child clip. What am I doing wrong?? Please see the attached fla file. Somone hinted that the AS for loading the player and the container is not on the frame where the player and the container are. If that is the reason, how can I address this issue?