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    No Liquify tool in my new Photoshop CS4


      Ok so here is the problem I am having. I just purchased CS4 for my new macbook pro and I have found that it is missing loads of key features that were on CS4 on my Dell. So what is the deal. I am missing variations (Image-Adjustments-variations), Lens correction (Filters-Distortion-Lense correction), and Liquify (Filters-Liquify). I have checked in the plugins file and they are not there. same with the filters file. This is all that i have found so far but it has brought my photo editing to a screeching halt. I also can not find any help on re-downloading the plugins.


      I have re-installed CS4 and there is no difference. Is this a Mac problem, Macs do not get all the goodies that PCs get?


      Well is there a easy fix? Maybe I have to set up CS4 different?


      Well what ever it is I was really hoping that Photoshop CS4 would come straight out of the box ready to rock but so far it is being a dog.