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    Imported audio from PowerPoint is very poor


      I tried searching for this topic, so please excuse me if this has been discussed.


      I imported a PowerPoint presentation that had embedded audio into Captivate 4. When I viewed the file, the slides were fine, but the audio is terrible. I noted that when the audio was being imported it said it was importing at 11khz.


      Is there any preference for importing audio from ppt, or is there a better way to import the audio without so much degredation?




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          Captivate identifies the original audio quality and imports it the same way. Please note that by default narration is recorded at 11Khz in PowerPoint. Hence it is imported inside Captivate with the same setting.


          If you are using PowerPoint 2003, go to menu item Slide show > Record narration > change quality.

          You will see the default setting at 11KHz.

          Please change it to a higher frequency, may be 44.1KHz mono setting and then record narration. Now import the presentation inside Captivate. Audio should be much clearer.