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    How Would One Go About Making an Object Rotate to Face in Direction of Mouse?


      I'm just a teenager who happens to have Flash as part of CS4 Production Premium, which I got as a gift.  I don't have any training or previous experience in Flash, and have only just in the past few month been looking into what ActionScript is.  I've just been fiddling with Flash in my spare time, just as something to do, and am working on making very basic computer games.  Currently I am trying to make a very basic top-down shooter computer game.  I've gotten it to where I can move the player (a circle with an arrow on the edge) in eight directions using the standard FPS movement keys (W,A,S,D) and make it move faster for a limited time by holding down the SHIFT key. 


      But now I've come to a standstill.  I am trying to make the player rotate in the direction of the mouse cursor (made to look like crosshairs) so that the player can move in any of the eight directions and aim in any direction at the same time.  I've searched the Internet for hours on end, looking for anything that might help, but not a single Web page section relates to this kind of thing.  So now I'm giving up on searching for a help article, and am making one instead.  Is there anyone that's successfully done this kind of thing before?  Or at least someone who actually knows how to properly use ActionScript 3.0 and can figure it out themselves, then tell me what they did?   (In the meantime, I've made it so that the player rotates and faces in the direction he is traveling in.)


      I've attatched all the code that I've typed to make the game work, so that anyone can look at it and tell me if I'm doing something wrong already.  I've only been learning ActionScript by figuring it out on my own as I go (watched a few videos I have on a disc too), and in the case of this game, I've just been making is up as I go, so to all of you people who actually know this stuff pretty well, this code is probably going to look nasty.