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    .exe projector file for PC works fine, but extracted .hqx for Mac won't open when on CD


      I'm using Flash MX, AS 2, Projector 6, working on a PC.


      I saved two versions of my project -- one .exe for Windows and one .hqx for Mac.  The .exe works fine when burned onto a CD.  When opening the .hqx from a CD on a Mac, I got a message that the file is on a locked volume.  I discovered that the reason for this is that an .hqx is essentially a zipped file which has to be extracted, and when a file is extracted, the unzipped files are written onto the same location as the original.  When the original files are on a CD, Stuffit (Mac's zip extractor program) can't write onto that location.


      [So if anyone at Adobe looks at these forum posts, let me say that I think its absolutely ridiculous that the Mac version of Flash's projector files have to be extracted in order to be viewed!]


      To get around this problem, I saved the .hqx on my PC, put it on a portable hard drive and brought it over to a Mac (because Stuffit for PC converts it into an .exe for PC), and unzipped it.  When I'd test it on the portable hard drive or on a USB drive, the extracted file would work.  When I'd bring it back over to the PC and burn a CD with both versions on it, and then test that CD on the Mac, it wouldn't work.  Can anyone tell me why the extracted Mac version works on a hard drive, but not on a CD?  What do I have to do in order to make a Mac projector file work from a CD?

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          Windows uses the FAT file system, Macs use the HFS file system. The two are not compatible. If you save a Mac projector file on a FAT file system, it won't be saved properly and it won't work. When you create a Mac projector from a Windows version of Flash, the file will be saved as a compressed .hqx file.


          Since you need to use a Mac to create a hybrid CD, when you move that .hqx file to the Mac, unstuff it and then use the resulting file for the CD. It will then run from the CD as expected.