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    Create slideshow with navigation buttons

    designer_gone_Catalyst Level 1

      I am trying to create a type of slideshow for my website using Catalyst. It's a little different, but for the most part like the scrolling advertisment slides on hulu.com. I'm trying to make the image fade into a window, then, every 5-10 seconds transition to a different image. At the bottom I would like to be able to click buttons to go back and forth between slides (just like hulu's buttons).


      I've tried to create different states and animate them, like in this sutorial video: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashcatalyst/tutorials/animate/

      I also tried to search the forums.. I'm sure this was discussed before but I haven't been able to find anything. I'm sorry if this will duplicate threads.


      I'm attaching the working file. As you can see I'm just using colored vector boxes as placeholders. Once I figure out the transition stuff I will replace the boxes with photos.


      Thanks for any help you can provide. I'm really excited about Catalyst, seems like a dream come true for an artist/designer.. I just hope I can get the hang of it.