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    Changes - Lot of Changes

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Well, as the DVD Lounge has been sitting empty for some time, I thought that I'd drop in and talk about the changes to the Encore fora.


      I liked some of the old divisions, though they could be a problem going to each one. It was MUCH easier back in the days of the red flags and the "New" banners, but I toughed if out.


      First, the majority of those divisions disappeared, and were (hopefully) rolled into the Encore>Encore forum. Now, it appears that the Windows and Mac Error Messages are gone. Again, I assume that they too are rolled into the Encore>Encore forum.


      It will be easier from the user's navigational standpoint, and I hope that there will be less confusion as to where a problem goes - you got one choice now, so don't blow it.




      As more Encore-specific questions are hitting the PrPro fora, the traffic has gone down here. I also have noticed the absence of at least two of the major contributors here, over the years. Not sure why, but Jbowden and Ruud are missed.


      Just commenting on the changes,