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    How do I disable "Adobe Updater"?


      After installing Reader, my security software keeps telling me that "Adobe Updater" is trying to access the Internet. I prefer to make all updates manually, and not have any programs download and install them by their own direction without my consent. Even after uninstalling Reader, the message still comes up, I assume my Adobe plugins (Shockwave and Flash) are keeping it running. How can I permanently kill this process?

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          micclay Level 1

          Should have specified this: I'm running Windows XP.


          EDIT: Heh, figured it out myself by just bothering to glance at the taskbar. Even though the program had been uninstalled, the updater process was stuck in some sort of loop, where it was trying to connect but kept getting denied by my computer. I just had to click cancel to get rid of it.


          It's fine if a mod wants to delete this now.