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    Open Browser Window


      I am very much an amateur so need some help please. I want to have the facility on the intranet I run at work to occasionally open a browser window, on load, to display an important announcement. I can work out how to do that easily enough. However, I want to give someone else the ability to edit the window to open and, as he is completely non-techie, he will be doing that in Word by opening up the template I have created for him in DW. What I want to avoid is having to activate a Behaviour to load his page whenever he needs it to appear when Staff logon the next day.

      My question is - is there a way I can set a behaviour that says "load this page if it is in the folder, but if the folder is empty, just load the intranet's homepage as normal, without giving a page not found message for the missing message page"

      Hope that makes sense!