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    Action Script 2 Export


      I was redirected here because a tech believes I have an action script problem. So here goes. I, being a beginner with this located a script to draw lines on a project I have been doing for a long time. The script to use is simple and works fine. Now I have all these drawings that need to be put over into Premiere but Flash won't export them to .mov it just sits there and does nothing. I opened a case and tried to get an answer from support who thinks it is a script problem even though I told him they were exported before in cs3 but on a system that was not very fast and they, the exports were a bit on the jerky side. The files are action script 2. they also have one tween in them and they run about 20 to 30 seconds beginning to end. I'm sure this explination is not going to be enough for anybody to hand out an answer with out actually looking at the script or a piece of the project trying to be exported. I hope I have the right stuff here. Well that didn't work so if somebody knows how to attach a Action script file and a .FLA  please let me know.