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    Adobe shockwave keeps crashing


      I downloaded the new Flash player and i keep getting a message saying the add on shockwave is not responding and then it would close all my explorer windows.  I recently switched to Google Chrome for a browser and it still crashes but doesn't close my browser.  But what is the difference between Flash Player and Shockwave player?  It keeps crashing all the time and i can't find it in my programs.  Are they one and the same or can i get rid of it, its really p****ing me off .   Any help would be much appreciated.  Lorikabcbar

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          BWolfe [ADOBE] Community Member

          Flash Player is a plugin/ActiveX control that plays back SWF files created with Flash, Flex or any number of other products that create SWF.


          Shockwave Player plays back content created with Adobe Director.


          What specific pages/sites are crashing?  That should help determine which player it is.