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    DVD Generation/Recoding from Hauppauge WinTV Files


      I'm using a trial copy of Premiere Elements 7, hoping to upgrade from Nero 9.  I love the program and I'm ready to buy, but I'm seeing one problem.


      I capture video files from live TV and from an old camcorder using a Hauppauge PVR-150 and WinTV.  The files are captured in MPEG2 format, high quality DVD mode, NTSC 720x480, 48Khz stereo audio.  I can import these files into Premiere Elements 7 (making sure that I always import less than 4GB of files into PE7), generate menus, and then burn a DVD.  When I burn the DVD, PE7 insists on recoding the DVD before burning.  This causes two problems.  First, the recode takes a long time - about 5 hours on a 1GB/Pentium-4 system.  Second, when I play the DVD disk on my DVD player, the video quality is terrible.  The video and audio are in sync, but the detailed parts of the screen are pixelated, as you would see on a poor quality HDTV signal.  In addition, the output disk is much larger than the sum of the input files (indicating that the recoding is actually making the video data larger).


      I'll readily admit that I'm using the trial version, and that PE7 may just be recoding to add the "Created with Adobe Premiere Elements 7 trial version" message.  Is that the case?  If I get the retail version, will PE7 still insist on recoding?  Is there a method or switch in either version to disable the ecoding if the files are already captured in DVD format?


      Thanks in advance