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    Newbie need help!!!


      1.  When using adobe premiere pro, how do I capture video from my sony HD handycam if its a hard disk drive?  Is there a place in adobe where I have to "register" my handycam first?  I"m puzzled.


      2.  What I ended up doing is converting my handycam video from its respective  file format to the MPEG2 which is compatible with Adobe, however in doing so my audio and video are a few seconds off in the program and source monitors.


      Can anyone please help me out.  I'm dying here.  : (

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          It would seem you have managed to land in the wrong forum. This forum is for discussing Adobe Captivate issues and it would appear you are looking for Premiere Pro support.


          Grab onto the emergency handle and hold on tight as I whisk your thread over to the Premiere Pro forum.


          Cheers... Rick

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            pebalsamo Level 2

            I have personally never used a HDD camcorder but here is what I would do if someone brought one into me.  Hook up a USB cable between the camera and the computer.  Turn the camera on to what ever mode is needed for the computer to see the Camera (usually a PC mode).  Find all my video files and drag and drop them onto my computers HDD.  Once they are all on the computer open up your Premiere Pro project and import the files.  That should work just fine.


            Again just thinking outloud because I have personally never done it...


            Hope it helps



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              1. Premiere Pro doesn't work with those kinds of cameras.  Better to use consumer software.  Movie Edit Pro from Magix I hear works well.


              2. See above.  (No conversions will be needed.)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Welcome to the forum, and glad that you got sorted to the correct place.


                Jim Simon makes a good point on the software. PrElements handles most files from a HDD camera and even has a Project Preset for most.


                Pebalsamo makes a good point with the workflow of dragging and dropping the files to your internal HDD and then using them in PrPro. If they do NOT Import natively, you would do best to convert them to DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit CPM/WAV Audio. This is what PrPro likes best. Provided that the conversion is done properly, you should not have any OOS issues.


                Now for some questions, that will help us help you:


                1.) what are the complete details of these files from you Sony camera. See this ARTICLE for some background on file types, CODEC's and the use of G-Spot to get that info?


                2.) when you did do the file conversion to MPEG-2 (probably not the best choice for several reasons), is the sync out by a constant amount, or does it drift over time - starting in sync, and then getting farther OOS, as time goes by?


                Good luck,




                [Edit] Added link to Article.

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                  pebalsamo Level 2

                  OK, sorry I guess I gave bad advice.  I would have thought that Premiere would work with pretty much all video formats.  I have customers bring in home video failry often to be used in Picture Videos that we put together for them.  Hopefully we do not start doing any of these with Premiere....


                  Thanks for the info Jim....



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    This ARTICLE will give you info on how to manually correct OOS. It's ALWAYS better to start with the best footage possible, but if that is not possible, there is a cure, but it requires a bit of work.


                    Good luck,



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                      I guess I gave bad advice


                      No, not really. Your method is the one that is suggested for ingesting HDD camera files into PrElements. PrPro can likely use them, though PrE is actually set up to do so better and more easily. It even has a Project Preset that covers most HDD cameras.


                      Much of this will depend on exactly what the "wrapper" is, and more importantly, what is inside that "wrapper." Conversion will very likely yield a usable file, but the choice for conversion would not be MPEG-2 for a couple of reasons. One is the likelihood of OOS issues, with the MPEG Audio, just as the OP is experiencing. While fixable, it's better to get that right before one Imports these files into PrPro.


                      We I in this position, I'd Import into PrE and then Export as DV-AVI Type II files, which would then be Imported into PrPro. I have both programs, and use PrE for just this sort of thing. Personally, I like the editing in PrPro so much better, that I'd just use PrE as a "tool," to get things ready for PrPro.


                      That said, the material is likely to suffer some, with any conversion, and is also likely to be designed for viewing, and not editing. This is the biggest drawback with footage that is NOT shot to a miniDV tape. Still, with care and a few extra steps, it can be edited in either PrE, or PrPro.


                      Jim's point is that this is not ideal footage, and that is 100% correct. However, it can work. I've asked for a bit more info from the OP, and his/her answers will help us to help them find the best way to do the job. There is already a conversion in the workflow, and my guess is that a better choice of output can be made there, to solve some of the problems.


                      Here's hoping,



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        It would seem you have managed to land in the wrong forum. This forum is for discussing Adobe Captivate issues and it would appear you are looking for Premiere Pro support.




                        You are correct (or maybe PrElements, but we'll wait to see that one), and thanks for moving the thread. There are already a couple of people working on the problem, so resolution is just a few questions away.


                        If it becomes evident that Kit wanted the PrE forum, I'll contact Curt, or Jeff, and ask that they move it to PrE.





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                          klt1515 Level 1

                          told ya i was a newbie, haha!  thanks rick

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                            klt1515 Level 1

                            Hey phil,

                            Thanks for responding however, it's not the getting the files into premiere that's the problem it's the file type that the video is in.  The handycam HDD stores the video as MTS files and therefore aren't compatible with premiere.  : (

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                              klt1515 Level 1

                              you know of any free editing softwares out there?

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                                Phillip-Gordon Level 2



                                You could try Microsoft Movie Maker

                                It's quite good



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                  I would have thought that Premiere would work with pretty much all video formats.


                                  Well, it will actually work with a lot more than it was designed to. Now, here comes the clincher - one must convert outside of PrPro in many cases. That is not such a tough deal, as there are hundreds of conversion programs available. Some of these are freeware, and some are shareware. A few are other NLE programs, like PrElements, or CyberLink Power Director, and some work better with some formats/CODEC's, than do others. There is no universal, and one must often experiment. If they know that for SD material, DV-AVI Type II 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio is the "base" of PrPro, and use a good converter to get their footage into that form, they will most often find that PrPro edits things just fine. Now, this does not address the quality issue, from working from compressed material.


                                  I get handed all sorts of media, and have to find a way to work with as much of it, as I can. Nintey-nine percent works fine, so long as I issue the caveats to the client, regarding quality. There is very little that will not work, after some thought and some work. Unfotrunately, many just want PrPro to handled everything, regardless. For me, there are other issues for Adobe to concentrate on.


                                  Every CODEC du jour will bring people out of the woodwork, as they will have bought into the "latest, greatest," that is not meant to be edited, but they disappear after a few weeks, or until the next new CODEC comes down the pike.



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                                    You could try Microsoft Movie Maker


                                    It is a good program, especially with many WMV's. The only limitation is that it Exports as DV-AVI Type I, and there can be some issues, as PrPro likes Type II's much better. For me, it's but another tool, just like my copy of PrE, or PowerDirector.


                                    I cannot imagine trying to actually edit with it, but as a utility, it can be very useful.