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    Result error while using LCDS


      Dear all,


      I am  developing a web messenger using Flex Builder 3, LCDS 2.6.1, Fluorine FX and ASP.net VS2008 development server.


      After a long struggle I could get Flex talk to Asp.net services . I am using the example of web messenger provided by Fluorine FX. When I tried compiling the app it asked for mx.data type not found. So after a lot of googling I found out that I have missed the reference of LCDS bunch of swc files. After pointing the LCDS lib files to my application it got compiled.


      Now the problem is when the app is making a call to the custom adapter class which internally calls the overridden CreateItem, it is throwing error in flex on result event. The error is like CommitResponder/Result not found. When I try debugging it, it asks for the source path of mx.dat: CommitResponder.as file. I am neither getting the fault event or result event.


      It would be nice if anybody could help me resolve this issue. If any doubts are still there I can post my project here. Looking forward for your reply.



      Thanks & Regards,