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    buttons again

      I neded pages' numbers buttons. I wrote the no. 1 then I turned it into a symbol- button and whent to edit it. on the 4th frame ther should be the chance to set something called active area (don't know if correct I got the Italian version) after having set it I went back to the scene and checked te functioning of the animated button.... It all works. When I go to export the movie for testing it, the mouse on the no. 1 does not have any reaction: no highlight, no click, no sound. It looks like everything I do on the project to that button does not appear on the exported movie. What is that all about?
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          Ok on a classic button you have 4 frame :

          frame 1 : Normal state
          frame 2 : Up state
          frame 3 : Down stage
          frame 4 : invisible area where the button react...

          so in frame 4 you must make a square or something so when the mouse rollover this area the button will change state...

          on frame 2 you normaly change the state try to change the number color or something..

          when you will add this button to your stage it should have a "light blue transparent" area with the same shape as the frame 4 if this frame is bigger than frame 1...but this isnt that important ...it just help when you dont want to ovverlap 2 button...

          when you pubish the button should change stage when rolled over the invisible area (and the visible arera if the frame 4 cover it) to frame 2
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            Chicca81 Level 1
            I already follewed step by step your instructions. On stage when I'm still working to the proj the button works correctly: I roll over it and it reacts exactly how I setted its animation in the editing area. The problem comes when I export the wall proj (extention: .swf)
            the same button doesn't react to roll over of mouse as it does on stage when I'm still working on the project.
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              Andreq85 Level 1
              when you are working on the project it should not react to anyting... if you hit ctrl+enter then this is the preview it should work...

              do you have any .fla I could check making sure everyting is ok ?